Message From the Golden Hills School Division Board of Trustees |

Message From the Golden Hills School Division Board of Trustees

The Motto of the Golden Hills School Division is “Powering Hope and Possibilities” and never has this been more evident than in the past two weeks. As we all struggle to deal with the challenges we are facing, the employees of Golden Hills have focussed their efforts on providing hope and possibilities for our students and parents. 

Our board would like to recognize and thank all of the people below who have worked together to ensure that our students can continue to learn and thrive in this unique situation. 

 Our government, for recognizing that at this time it is essential to maintain and support our students and parents in all of the ways a school system can provide. 
  • Our central office team and our school administrators, who have provided exemplary leadership in charting a course for teachers and students that will allow them to continue their educational journey together. 
  • Our teachers and school support staff, who have risen to the challenge of prioritizing curriculum, developing lessons, tailoring instruction to meet individual students’ needs, and finding ways to sustain the valuable relationships they have established with their students. You are truly educational rock stars!
  • Our caretaking and facilities staff, who have gone above and beyond to ensure the health and safety of our teachers and students in our buildings. 
  • Our bus drivers, who continue to serve the community by delivering food bank hampers. 
  • The amazing people who work behind the scenes to support our teachers, students, and parents (counselors, family resource workers, psychologists, and native liaison workers) who are also finding innovative ways to maintain that support in this challenging environment.
And especially to our students and parents, thank you for your patience and support as we all adjust to this “new normal”. There are still lots of wrinkles to be worked out, but we are well on our way and Golden Hills will continue to provide Hope and Possibilities for all of our students.


The Golden Hills School Division Board of Trustees