NorthStar Academy  taught me more than skills. My experience and education became more than paper writing, trigonometry and Old Testament dates. I learned how to learn, how to manage my time, how to communicate with a variety of different nationalities, how to express myself well over email (a huge asset in this day in age), how to complete tasks professionally, but most of all, I learned that it is possible to minister, and be ministered too, even while in highschool. My relationships with my teachers and staff has extended well beyond my senior year, and the knowledge- and I pray that my experiences from NSA will never be taken for granted.

Student, Africa


I have home schooled my children the entire length of their education. I used the traditional style for 9 years, and it is a gift from God to have it available. My son has always been strong in math and the sciences so as he got closer to high school we continued to pray for a diploma option that was based in Christian Education, that would still allow us to home school. His post-secondary interests do not lean well to a portfolio option, and there is such a great variety of post-secondary institutions in this city (Calgary), we and he wanted him to have the option of still living at home while he finished all of his education. He is now three quarters of the way through his grade 10 year and is fully online with Northstar Academy. I was quite apprehensive at the beginning or the year, for a variety of reasons, but I am pleased beyond what words can express! I do not feel that I handed over my sons education to someone else, on the contrary, I feel that I became part of an expanded team! The staff at NSA are phenomenal! They are God fearing individuals that love the Lord Jesus Christ with all their heart! They are excellent educators that are teaching the students to 'learn to discern' and perfect their skills in every subject. They share the same value system that we as a family cling so tightly to.

Parent, Alberta


The Principal and Teachers at North Star Academy have done a great job at helping my girls and I adjust to online classes. Whenever we had questions, they were more than happy to help us! We really appreciate the teacher’s quick responses in correcting assignments and many times with a smile or words of encouragement. It is also good to see their desire to get the students to think through different issues from a Biblical point of view. NSA’s Education Assistant is fun and full of ideas. If she doesn’t know about something within a day or two, she will be back with an answer for you. God has truly given her a love for children and a comfortable way with parents. I would definitely recommend NSA if you are looking for online courses.

Parent, Alberta


Over the last years we have had our two sons enrolled with Northstar Academy. We have been very impressed with the high academic standards and the commitment of the teachers in all the subjects. We are living overseas and NSA has been very flexible to accommodate our boys needs. Our oldest son has now entered an international boarding school, where he is excelling. NSA has largely prepared him for this transition. The teachers have been excellent, we feel that our facilitator has been especially caring and supportive in every way possible. We highly recommend Northstar Academy.

Family, Overseas