Who should enroll in the Teacher-Directed Program?

Parents who are dedicated to home educating their child(ren) and are not philosophically opposed to meeting Alberta Educations outcomes. Parent(s) who are interested in working together with a teacher and a curriculum consultant to create a quality, individualized program of instruction for their child.

Who is in charge of my student's educational program?

The Student Learning Plan is designed according to the interests and Educational needs of the student. Each SLP will be unique and will reflect the family's preferred method of Education. As a parent, you are in charge of supporting your child's Educational by providing a suitable environment, offering educational resources to support the SLP, and communicating with your teacher in order to provide information for assessment. Our teachers are in charge of overseeing your child's education, supporting your child as they work towards the goals in the SLP and assessing your child's progress. Thus, the teacher, student, and parent work together as a team to help each student achieve his or her goals.

What is my role as a parent?

In the Teacher-Directed program your role is to collaborate with your student and teacher to design a unique Student Learning Plan, work with your teacher to assist your child in accomplishing the SLP.

What about student assessment?

Our teachers are responsible for assessing your child. In the Teacher-Directed program we ask students to submit a broad portfolio of work . We also keep in contact with our families online once a week. These online conversations are very important to our assessment process and help us to learn more about your student's actual progress. Through these conversations and the work submitted we can track your student's progress through the Provincial Learning Outcomes (PLO's). In the online program your student will receive a course by course assessment based upon the assignments and work submitted to their online teacher.

What is the teacher's role?

In the Teacher-Directed program the teacher's primary role is to support and account for the SLP. Our teachers work with each family to help students achieve their goals as set out in the Student Learning Plan. Our teachers provide support, advice, and encouragement as needed and work hard to establish relationships with each family. Our teachers oversee the assessment process and work together with the parent to ensure the PLO's are covered. In the online courses our teachers mark most of the academic student work, communicate regularly with the student, offer synchronous instruction at scheduled times and perform the student assessment.

What resources are available?

NorthStar will work with you to ensure your child has the resources they need to meet the Alberta Education outcomes. 

What are the graduation requirements?

Graduation requirements