Shared Responsibility (Blended) Program


God has created all of our children as unique individuals with their own learning style.  NorthStar Academy is here to encourage and support families who choose to provide a unique program for their children. This program allows families the freedom to design their own educational plan.  This can include teacher directed  courses either online or print based resource courses, and home education. As a parent, you are able to pick and choose from all of our programs to design the perfect program for your child.  Our staff is here to support and help parents in customizing their program to meet their children’s specific needs. If families want to talk, or are looking for teaching resources, NorthStar’s staff, resources and services are available to help your student succeed.

Students in grades 1-9 must do at least 50% of their program as online and/or print based resources.  Students in grades 10-12 must do at least 20% (7 credits) of their program as online and/or print based resources.  The remainder of the program may be home education.

Please call our office at 1 877 335 1171   to talk to one our staff about how we can help you design a program that works for your child. 

Benefits of registering with NorthStar Academy:

  • Caring teachers/facilitators who will assist you in making sure your child is getting the best education
  • NSA will work with you to ensure students have the resources they need
  • Free Field trips
  • Learning Clusters - a great way to meet new friends and try new things
  • Four exciting choices to help support Christian home learning
  • Supportive and dynamic online community
  • Availability of online lessons and resources

Required Documentation to Register:

  • A copy of the child's birth certificate
  • Registration Form
  • We must receive your registration before the end of September to qualify for funding.